A visit from a former British ambassador.

Sir James Mellon are famous in Denmark for his clever and critical but also witty description of the Danes in the book “Og Gamle Danmark” from 1992. Sir James has not only been Her Majesty the Queens emissary in Denmark but also the British high commissioner in Ghana. That brought about his theory that Denmark and Danes are not a nation in its normal sense, but a tribe, whose behaviour strongly reminded him of the tribal behaviour he saw amongst the Ashanti in Ghana during his posting to West Africa between 1978 and 1983.
Sir James have now moved on to a new project, he is a Research Associate with the Sainsbury Institute in the University of East Angliawhichand and is working on a major work concerning African bangles. During his recent visit he stated; “Your collection, in the National Museum is very important, you have objects that I have not seen any other places, they are more mundane and represent a wider variety of bangles”. Fortunately Sir James will be back with his charming wife to study bangles for his book and share his great knowledge and love of Africa.

Sir James Mellon and wife

Sir James Mellon and wife

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