Two-day seminar on the usages of films in ethnographic exhibitions

 Film in Ethnographic Exhibitions

Contemporary Ethnographic Museums increasingly use film material in exhibitions. Evocative or explanatory, experimental or exemplary, moving images and sounds complement visitor experiences, appealing to the senses, it is often assumed, in ways alternative to what displayed objects or images or written texts can do. In the exhibition room the moving images often play a powerful role in guiding audience perceptions, bringing to life what is otherwise only glimpsed: The moving image holds potential to transfer the ethnographied body across time and space and into the museum space, otherwise inhabited by motionless objects.

The National Museum of Denmark (Ethnographic Collections), in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen (Department of Crosscultural and Regional Studies) invites curators and scholars for a two-day seminar on the usages of films in ethnographic exhibitions. The aims of the seminar are to 1) stimulate a creative exchange of experiences between colleagues and 2) create an arena for discussion of the practices, politics and poetics of employing films in ethnographic exhibitions.

Keynote speakers will be Dr. Mary Bouquet, University College Utrecht, Dr. Arnd Schneider, University of Oslo and Dr. Stephen Köhn, Humboldt University.

Venue: the National Museum in Copenhagen, October 8-9 2015.
Call for presentations
Presentations may or may not include visual media. They should not exceed 30 minutes.
Abstracts for presentations are not to be of more than 250 words.
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